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Did you know many of our stressors in life are from our finances? Being healthy isn’t just mental and physical, we need to be healthy financially as well. Allow us to help you on your journey to complete financial stability and wholeness!

Innovative Team

We do not just give basic credit advice you may only receive from others. We treat all credit files differently by providing detailed advice into each client’s specific opportunities. Our team of experts only give pertinent educational advice that is designed to increase your credit knowledge.

Professional Team

Our staff are highly trained and have extensive experience in the field of credit score improvement. They demonstrate top-notch professionalism while giving you the best there is in terms of credit advisory.

Support Team

We are readily available to give advice about your credit report. We created a chat option on our platform to engage with you about any questions or concerns. We are your long-term source for credit and financial needs.

About Us

Is Your Credit Report accurate

The term credit repair can be a misleading claim of being able to improve one’s credit. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the TSR (Telemarketing Sales Rule) state it is illegal, so we do not guarantee any deletions or score increases. We do guarantee pressure and persistency on your behalf in holding each Credit Reporting agency accountable to Federal reporting compliances.

What we do

Our Courses

How You Can Pay Off $20,000 In Credit Card Debt In 5 Years

Planning is the most crucial step towards achieving any objective, and paying off your credit card debt is no exception.

Budgeting Like The Pros

The course is designed to help you understand what a budget is, the importance of having one, reviewing and adjusting monthly expenses as income could fluctuate.

5 Effortless Steps to Building Sexy Credit!

Learn how to make your credit score sexy, what steps you need to take and what process you need to follow to achieve better credit!


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Kelly’s Story

My name is Kelly L. Armstrong. I am the owner of Be Whole Financial Enterprise LLC. I earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, and am a Credit Repair Specialist. I genuinely want to build a relationship with my clients to help them succeed in their goals of qualifying for a home, car, or any loan to get the best rates possible. I believe in being truthful, transparent, and honest every step of the way. You are not just a number to me; you can expect to be treated like a real person in every interaction.


What We Offer

Our job is to review your report with you, collect information from you, and then attempt to correct inaccurate information on your credit reports. Some items may be deleted, some may be updated, and some may not change at all. Your credit scores may go up because of this process and they may go down. I have no special privileges or “pull” with the three main bureaus. But what I can guarantee is pressure, persistence, and a lot of additional goodies along the way to help with your credit score improvement journey!


The most comprehensive credit book

In this book I…

Break down the different types of credit. (Section 5)

Bust the myth about whether or not it’s smart to
use credit for purchases. (Section 6)

I tell you exactly how you can improve your credit score. (Section 8)

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