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Budget & Savings Testimonials

“When I first saw your post concerning financial wholeness I was somewhat apprehensive to inquire. My first thought was I do not want anyone to know that we were struggling paying our bills. (PRIDE) A voice inside of me said you need help. I spoke with my husband and said we need to talk with Kelly. His response was whatever you think is best. We met on several different occasions, created a budget that does work and the debts one by one are being eliminated. God truly wants us to be whole in every area of our life. We are a very satisfied and blessed couple who sought out the expertise services of Kelly Armstrong. Thank you!”


Debt Elimination Testimonials

“My husband and I began working with Kelly in January of 2019 to develop a debt reduction plan. Since that time we have paid in full 4 debts. The plan does work. Thank you Kelly”

The Sanders Family

Credit Repair Testimonials

“I recently had the opportunity to be a client with Be Whole Financial Enterprise. Kelly was very personable, knowledgeable and ultimately wanting to see you be whole. She has all the tools to help you reach your financial goals. After being under her financial guidance. I was able to purchase a car. I was approved. I had asked God to guide me to the right car, with a certain payment. He did just that. Because I had successfully completed my financial wholeness I was able to get a great rate and the terms that I needed because my disputes had been removed. Paid my bills on time, and not opening new accounts. My credit is in tact. Also putting my fee from this awesome service towards my car payment. My payment will only be an additional $75.00. Just a short time ago with my old scores that would not be possible. Not using my money correctly making frivolous purchases. Now making wiser purchases. I now have an all wheel drive CRV to help me get through theses Ohio winters and daily 90 mile commute. I am thankful to God for Kelly, that she is sharing her knowledge to help guide His people into financial wholeness. What a blessing. If you are tried of being turned down, or paying high interests rates or just living paycheck to paycheck, Kelly can help you turn that around. Thanks and I will be sending others your way.”

Darlene Keyes

“Every time I finish meeting up with Ms Kelly Armstrong it makes me feel so good about life and why I’m doing the things that I’m doing. I want to say Thank you publicly and you’re an awesome woman and I’m grateful I had the privilege to meet and also work with you.”


Student Loan Testimonials

“Finances are challenging for a lot of people for a lot of reasons. When I came to Kelly at the beginning of 2019, I was tired of hitting roadblocks in my finances. Specifically, I wanted to stop worrying about my credit and do something about it. My biggest challenge at the beginning of my career as an artist has been inconsistent income; this made it difficult to keep up with monthly bills and I couldn’t pay my student loans at all. So, I found myself staring at significant education debt and an eviction that left me unsure if property ownership was anywhere in my near future. In spite of all these things I knew that I didn’t want to accept poverty as a permanent condition in my life. I was referred to Kelly through my parents and the first time we spoke I told her about my desire for home ownership and wanting to work towards financial freedom. Based on my current situation and the goals we discussed Kelly and I started working on a plan to rehabilitate my credit. When I first started working with her, I had an average credit score of 580 and within the first four months two of my three scores had moved within the 700 range. As Kelly and I continue to work towards my goals of home ownership and financial freedom I can honestly say that I would not have come this far so fast without Kelly’s assistance and support. Kelly knows what she is doing and is committed to providing a customized experience to each of her clients. I know this because soon after we began working together, I connected her with one of my good friends and have had the pleasure of seeing significant changes in her finances as well. Kelly is definitely helping us bury the myth of the starving artist!”

Sara Ziglar

“A few years ago I was bamboozled into a supposedly “Student Loan Forgiveness” scheme! After calling the Federal Student Loan Department and finding out none of my payments were received by them; I was extremely distraught and disgusted. I gave up pursuing any way of paying off my student loan! After some time, I met this wonderfully beautiful woman of God by the name of Kelly Armstrong and I can truly say with a resounding voice that she saved my “Student Loan Life!” She came, she saw, she conquered after interviewing me and gathering pertinent information regarding my student loan and myself. She delivered the goods and was able to get me into the default program which actually began my exodus from bondage to relief, and on the way to paying off my student loan! Thank you precious (Ms. K!) You rescued me! I am telling anyone that Kelly Armstrong is a miracle worker when it comes to “Debt.”

Set Free

“Kelly has been amazing to work with and truly makes the process stress free. She is quick to respond, easy to work with, and very helpful. Kelly consulted with me to help me find a payment plan that works best for me. She always has answers to my questions and makes things flow smoothly!”


“I met Kelly Armstrong through my church. We arranged a meeting within a week and within a month she resolved an issue for me. She is efficient and professional. I would definitely work with again. Thanks Kelly!”

`Darnetta Ridley Jefferson

Experiencing anxiety when monthly Student Loan payment is due?

Listen to what this client had to say…
“I have student loans,” having said that, I am sure the question in your head is “ok. and?”
However, the reason for that statement is that I have been on a hiatus for many years as it pertains to repaying my student loans.
It has been a constant struggling repaying my loans, especially with my other financial obligations, and the overall cost of living.
After confiding and complaining to a friend about my student loan dilemma, I was given Kelly’s name and number.
To be honest, I was extremely cautious and guarded when I dialed her number. I am sure everyone is aware of sales pitches and the many promises that never materialize, so my guard was up ten-fold.
To my surprise, the person on the other line was the most friendliest and professional individual I have encountered in awhile.
Having explained my situation to her, and grilling her with never ending questions, Kelly was very patient and transparent; she outlined my options based on my situation, walked me through the entire process of what it entails, and what I should expect from her. Kelly kept it real; there were no false promises.
Kelly said she had my best interest at heart, and she would work tirelessly to ensure that I got what I truly deserved.
I am not a gullible person or who is easily convinced, but to be honest, on that first encounter, I felt immediately at ease.
Kelly did exactly that, there were days when I felt extremely frustrated based on the never-ending requests for documents, resubmissions of applications, and repayment plans still not within my budget. But regardless, Kelly worked relentlessly, she was true to her word, she followed up promptly with any requests from my student loan lender and was prompt in returning my calls and text messages. She constantly kept me updated on how things were progressing.
Fast forward to a few months later: I must say that I am EXTREMELY elated, after months of this entire ordeal, Kelly was able to get my repayment plan within my budget, and my entire student loans will be forgiven within 10 years, rather than the initial 20 years.
Kelly is an absolute gem; she is very patient, very transparent and is a true professional. She is very good at what she does. I highly recommend Kelly for all your student loans needs, you will not be disappointed!!!



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