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Pay Off $20,000 In Credit Card


Budgeting Like The Pros

$ 49

5 Steps to Building Excellent Credit!

$ 49


We work on bankruptcy, inquiries, medical bills, charge offs, and student loans.

Kelly Armstrong - Your In Person Credit Advisor & Owner Of Be Whole Financial.

We charge $279 for your first analysis. This process is conducted in person between 2 separate meetings where in our first session, we'll move forward with a services overview, consulting, and our initial review of the documents you've brought to our meeting for us to review, and once we leave the table we begin fully reviewing the materials we've gathered from both yourself, as well as from your credit reports so we can formulate the correct strategy, set-up your account, and begin drafting your first round of correspondence which is included in your initial work fee then sent to each credit bureau (CRA) and creditor (Data Furnisher) if and as applicable.

From there our per round services are then $99/month for 6 to 8 months. You can cancel our services at any time.

In addition to our credit repair services we also offer specific services just for DIYers starting @ $100 hourly for advisory services, and a 6 month done with you program that includes 2x per month meetings for $600 ($100 Monthly).

Our stand alone Budget breakdown and creation service comes with a 1x fee of an additional $200 as well with advisory services that are bookable at $100 an hour for those that wish to receive consulting while working through the debt paydown process and credit rebuilding process.

Budgeting 75%
Credit Score Improvement 85%
Debt Elimination 50%


We work on bankruptcy, inquiries, medical bills, charge offs, and student loans.

$150 for INITIAL analysis, game plan session and set-up.

Then we charge $99/month.

You can cancel our services at any time.

We charge less than what you would pay for a few hours with an attorney.

No Hidden Fees. No Hourly Fees.



“We live like no one else so that we can live like no one else” – Dave Ramsey
Every dollar has an assignment!

Debt Elimination

Snowball effect.
We show you ways to eliminate credit card debt.

Student Loans

Don’t fall for those student loan relief scams.
Let us help you work through the process and simplify your application process.

Veritas Legal Plan

Our plan protects clients trying to gain financial stability by providing an attorney to defend creditor lawsuits and enforce consumer protection laws when collectors violate the law.
And so much more!

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